A Missed Call From Cthulhu

Because of the great times we’ve had playing  playing Zombie Dice and Zombie Dice 2, I decided to look for other fun dice games to play with the family. After doing some research, I found a game called Cthulhu Dice, which is produced by the same company that makes our beloved Zombie Dice. We picked up a copy and with great anticipation we read the rules and game the game a try.

Each player is a ‘cultist’ who starts with three sanity tokens. On his or her turn, each player chooses another player to target, then rolls the Cthulhu die. There are a number of actions that occur based on the symbols on the die, all of which involve losing or gaining sanity tokens. A player wins if he or she is the only player left with sanity tokens. It is also possible for all players to lose all of their sanity, allowing Cthulhu to win.

I’ve said before that I like quick-playing games, but this game is a little too quick. With Michelle, Jackson and I all playing, a game lasts about five minutes. Each of us taking a turn or two before someone wins. After our love for Zombie Dice, this game was a little disappointing. But I think there is still potential in the game. The next time we play, I think we might try varying the rules a bit to see if that makes the games a little more enjoyable. Possibly starting with more sanity tokens or each player playing as multiple cultists.

Once we’ve worked out some good “house rules,” I’ll update this post.

I do have some good news for Cthulhu fans: I got my hands on an advance copy of Cthulhu Fluxx (hitting shelves 8/17) and I will be breaking down what my family and I think of this dark counter-point to our Technicolor games of Oz Fluxx.