Hi, I’m Neil and I love the hell out of playing games. When I was ten, I invented my own Ninja Turtles board game where I was one of the turtles and the squares on the board dictated which classic villan I had to do battle with. I had a system of hit points and damage and I played it with my little sister but she was only six and didn’t really get it.

The next year, I talked my mom into buying me the Marvel Superheroes Role-Playing game. My little group of friends eventually graduated from Marvel to Dungeons and Dragons to Shadowrun to Vampire the Masquerade. By high school, it occurred to me that most girls thought role-playing gamers were weird and, since at about 15 a young man’s priorities change, I decided to quit gaming. Some of my good friends kept playing and I was always a little jealous, but I eventually forgot about gaming to focus full time on my goal of becoming a rock-star.

Now I’m a bit older (not a rock-star) and have a wife and a couple kids. We live a very hectic life of work, school, piano lessons, doctor’s appointments, paying bills, cleaning kitchens… you get the picture. I recently noticed that as a family, what little down-time we had, we were spending on watching tv (sometimes in separate rooms) reading on iPads, playing PS3, and generally doing things that fostered very little interaction. Occasionally we’d bust out the Star Wars Monopoly set or play Trouble and whenever we did, we all had a pretty good time.

Then Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton made a little YouTube show called Tabletop where every two weeks Wil and a group of people got together and played games. All my childhood love of game playing came rushing back to me. Since my oldest son was just about to turn nine, I thought the timing was perfect to find some games that would show him something I had loved so much around his age. I also  hoped to create an excuse for all of us to sit down around the dining room table, play a fun game, and just enjoy some good times together.

My plan for this site is to share our experiences gaming together and give others who might be interested in playing games some suggestions.


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