A Missed Call From Cthulhu

Because of the great times we’ve had playing  playing Zombie Dice and Zombie Dice 2, I decided to look for other fun dice games to play with the family. After doing some research, I found a game called Cthulhu Dice, which is produced by the same company that makes our beloved Zombie Dice. We picked up a copy and with great anticipation we read the rules and game the game a try.

Each player is a ‘cultist’ who starts with three sanity tokens. On his or her turn, each player chooses another player to target, then rolls the Cthulhu die. There are a number of actions that occur based on the symbols on the die, all of which involve losing or gaining sanity tokens. A player wins if he or she is the only player left with sanity tokens. It is also possible for all players to lose all of their sanity, allowing Cthulhu to win.

I’ve said before that I like quick-playing games, but this game is a little too quick. With Michelle, Jackson and I all playing, a game lasts about five minutes. Each of us taking a turn or two before someone wins. After our love for Zombie Dice, this game was a little disappointing. But I think there is still potential in the game. The next time we play, I think we might try varying the rules a bit to see if that makes the games a little more enjoyable. Possibly starting with more sanity tokens or each player playing as multiple cultists.

Once we’ve worked out some good “house rules,” I’ll update this post.

I do have some good news for Cthulhu fans: I got my hands on an advance copy of Cthulhu Fluxx (hitting shelves 8/17) and I will be breaking down what my family and I think of this dark counter-point to our Technicolor games of Oz Fluxx.


Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’

Having a touch of the ADHD, I tend to gravitate toward situations where I can bounce from one interesting thing to the next, rather than spending lots of time savoring one thing for extended periods of time.* I love appetizer samplers at restaurants and mall food courts.

That said, I also enjoy games that I can pick up, teach in five minutes and play at a rapid-fire pace before switching to another quick game. My favorite game of this type is Zombie Dice.


In Zombie Dice, you are zombies out on the prowl for some oh so tasty brains. The 13 dice in the cup represent potential snacks… also known as humans. On each player’s turn, he or she draws three dice (victims) out of the cup and rolls them. The dice have brains, feet and shotgun blasts on them. The idea is to roll as many brains as possible without rolling three shots. Any feet that are rolled are “runners”which can be re-rolled as you continue trying to accumulate brains. A player can stop rolling at any time, bank the brains they’ve rolled and end his or her turn. If the player rolls three shots during a turn, he loses any brains he rolled that turn and his turn is over. The game is won when a player has banked 13 brains.

At first, a game called “Zombie Dice” held no appeal for Michelle, who has a low personal tolerance for nerdy activity (despite having played in the marching band in high school), so for the first few weeks, Jackson and I played a lot of one-on-one games. Between all of the laughing going on during our games, a lot of reassuring that the game play has very little to do with zombies and finally, talking about how much getting to spend quality bonding time with his favorite step-mom would mean to Jackson, I convinced Michelle to play. Much to my disappointment, Michelle’s slow and steady approach frequently wins the game. However, Jackson almost needs a change of underpants from laughing at my attempts to go for the glory and win in heroic, odds-defying fashion… which mostly leads to me taking the maximum number of shotgun blasts mathematically possible. In one game, I rolled eight brains and one shot in my second turn. In almost all cases, this would be a good time to stop and bank the brains. Jackson laughed/gasped for air as I reached in the cup for three more dice shouting, “I PLAY TO WIN!!!!”

After rolling three shots and eventually losing the game, Michelle just shook her head and pointed out that there might be something wrong with me. It was nice of her to leave room for doubt.

Zombie Dice 2 – Double Feature is an add-on to Zombie Dice that adds variety and complexity by including three new dice which have special functions. The set includes, “The Hunk, The Hottie and… Santa.” The concept here is that your game is set in the world of horror movies so naturally, there are some main characters to contend with who are a little different than the run-of-the-mill zombie fodder. I’m not sure what Santa is doing in the mix, but he adds some very cool super-zombie possibilities. If you’ve been especially good, Santa brings you an extra brain (or two!) to snack on. However, with this Santa, being on the “naughty list” means the jolly old elf busts a cap in your zombie butt. The whole Santa concept in this game is sick and twisted and awesome and hilarious.

Zombie Dice is great. It’s easy to play, super portable, and is great at punishing people for being greedy or impulsive. Important life lessons for the kids! Plus there are zombies and that’s kind of a thing right now. If you already play Zombie Dice, and want to add in some fresh unpredictability, I highly recommend Zombie Dice 2 – Double Feature.

Note: If you take Zombie Dice with you on vacation, and you are playing anywhere near the ocean, take care that no one rolls a die off the table and into the waves. I’m not saying this happened and I’m not saying that it was Michelle who did it, but if you happen to find a red and black die in the sand near Laguna Beach, I’d like to hear from you… unless you found it lodged in a dead marine creature. In that case, this was a purely theoretical situation.

*Unless it is something I find especially intriguing and challenging, in which case I can spend all day on one thing. Go figure.

Family Game Night – Oz Fluxx

 We haven’t exactly formalized it, but Thursday evenings seem to be the night of the week when one of us says, “Hey, why don’t we play some games tonight?” Last night was no exception.

Shortly before I got off work for the day, I got a text from my wife, Michelle, saying that she wanted to play some games (and for me to make her a raspberry mojito) after our youngest son went to bed.  I stopped by my local game store on the way home just to see if there was anything new that I needed and discovered that there was a big Magic the Gathering event going on. Since the store was so busy, which is actually pretty awesome, I decided to head home and play with the games we already own.

With dinner cleaned up, and our toddler in bed having dreams of adventures in a red rocketship, Michelle, Jackson and I sat around the table and started in on a game of Oz Fluxx.

Fluxx is a seriously addictive game where you start out with a simple game of draw one card and play one card each turn. As the game goes on, addition rule cards are played that change the number of cards drawn the number of cards played and the number of cards you can have in your hand, and that’s just naming a few. At one point last night, we were drawing five cards and playing three of them on every turn. There are goal cards that are played to determine which “Keepers” a player has to have in play in order to win. Those goals normally change pretty often. It is a really fun game that seems complicated, until you start playing; then it’s just a lot of fun.

Oz Fluxx is a Wizard of Oz themed Fluxx deck. But it’s definitely not just original recipe Fluxx redressed to trick you into buying the same game twice.  There is a new category of card added called ‘Surprise!’ cards that can be played out of turn and do fun things like cancel a new goal that was just played, or swiping a “Keeper” that has just been played. There is also a card that lets you draw an extra card and play it immediately, but you have to click your heels together three times first.

Our game last night was, unsurprisingly, a lot of fun. About fifteen minutes into the game, Jackson put down a goal that had effectively won him the game, but Michelle had the “Canceled Plans” surprise card and the goal he had played to win went directly to the discard pile. After a few more close calls and about another thirty minutes, I managed to win our game of Oz Fluxx with the Wicked Witch of the West and her broom. Duh-nuh-nuht-nuh-nuh-nuh!

Oz Fluxx is a great game for enticing non-gamers, particularly those of the female variety, to come to the table and play. It’s not overtly nerdy with its lack of dragons, zombies or even alien spacecraft. I knew when I bought it I’d be more likely to get Michelle into a game of Oz Fluxx than Zombie Fluxx… I’m pretty sure I was right, since this is the first game Michelle requests when we sit down to play games.

We did go on to play a few more of our favorites, including a game of Poo wherein Jackson assaulted Michelle with a relentless barrage theoretical poo as revenge for canceling his win in Oz Fluxx. Also two games of Seven Dragon that were both won by my brother-in-law, Mike who joined us after the first game of Oz Fluxx. I’ll go over each of these games in future posts.

If anyone has a favorite variety of Fluxx that they’d like to share, I’d love to hear about. Comment on this post or email me at whatboardgame@gmail.com.

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Welcome to What Board Game

Welcome to What Board Game! On this site, I will be posting stories of my family trying out different board, card and dice games. We’ll be playing all types of games and and providing feedback and recommendations. This is designed to be a community for people who like to play games, so if you have a suggestion or an opinion (someone on the internet has an opinion?!?) feel free to share it.

Right now I’m building this page out, so if you’re wondering why there’s nothing here… be patient. Good stuff is on the way.